Lumine Consulting can help.

Need help with your education project?

Lumine Consulting Inc can provide consulting and project management expertise to make your projects more successful. With our expertise in online education, we can move training and academic programmes online to create a competitive advantage, so that your organization can flourish.  Our mission is to help organizations across the private, public, and social sectors effectively complete projects to increase productivity

How We Work

We listen to you. We ask probing questions and listen some more. Then we offer solutions and a project management process to implement those solutions: on time, within budget, and to meet your specifications. We seek to understand your needs, your organization, and your context so we can provide targeted solutions to the problem, using research-driven best practices, creativity, and our years of experience.
Are your projects successful? Need help?

Consulting and Project Management

Our team includes experts who are Project Management Institute certified, and they will use PM methodologies to help you complete your projects on time and within budget. We know that your projects support organizational goals and we seek to apply project management methods to keep your projects on track. We can help you plan the project from start to finish, create a schedule and monitor the project execution. We can also build capacity by helping your team to improve their project management knowledge and skills.

Instructional Design Services

Do you need help creating training or academic courses? We provide all the help you need to design and create face to face, online or blended courses.
We start by listening to you and your needs and then make suggestions to create the courses you want.
Our expert team starts with these three questions:
1. What do you want learners to know and be able to do?
2. How will you measure their learning?
3. What mode of delivery makes sense for your learners and the content?

Armed with this information, our team will create engaging face to face or online courses for you which enable learners to achieve the course objectives. We can create courses based on your existing materials or develop new courses from scratch. We can also support you as your team learns to create quality online courses.

We create courses that:

1. Enable learners to achieve their goals

2. Engage learners

3. Help learners engage with the content

Workshops and Courses

Lumine Consulting offers several courses to help your organization thrive! Browse through our list of courses:

Project Management Basics
Interested in learning about how to create effective projects? This course will introduce you to the basics of project management including key terms and strategies and set you on the path for more effective project management

Online Course Design 101
We build institutional capacity by teaching your team how to create high quality online courses by building on research based best practices in online pedagogy as well as our knowledge and experience.

Essentials in Online Facilitation
Want to learn how to teach online? This is the course for you! We can provide you with the knowledge and skills you need to effectively engage your learners online.

Don’t see what you need? Keep watching this space for new courses or drop us a line to request a custom course.

Monitoring and Evaluation

Need help keeping your projects on track and measuring their impact?

We can help you by:
1. Identifying the goals and objectives of your evaluation
2. Identifying key indicators
3. Designing an effective monitoring and evaluation plan for your projects
4. Executing that plan
5. Analysing the data and reporting accurately to donors
6. Building monitoring and evaluation capacity in your organization